Job Opportunity: Assistant Cook
Job ID: 7449

Job Category: Offshore Vessels Vessel Home Port:
Position: Cook Vessel Flag: US
Job Description:
Incumbent is directly responsible to the Chief Steward by
assisting the Chief Cook in the efficient operation of
the galley/kitchen as assigned. Assist in preparation
and production of all menu items as required. Incumbent
is responsible for maintaining sanitation and the overall
cleanliness of food service spaces and equipment. Assist
with inventorying galley equipment and utensils and
reports discrepancies to the Chief Cook. Adhere to all
principles of safety, sanitation procedures and standards
of personal hygiene. Must be able to comprehend, carry
out, and relay oral written instructions without more
than normal supervision. The Assistant Cook must be able
to effectively use computers and applicable shipboard
software applications. The incumbent will ensure
continuing application of & compliance with EEO laws,
regulations and policies.
Knowledge of firefighting and damage control equipment
located within food service areas. Incumbent is
responsible for the proficient use of galley/kitchen
firefighting and damage control equipment.
Extensive experience in preparing menu items.
Extensive experience in progressive cookery techniques.
Practical experience in personal hygiene and extensive
knowledge of food service sanitation procedures.

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